How to Remember So Many Words !
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2017/7/21 19:51

First of all, Congratulations to all of you who went on to the Interview portion of the Eiken test. You all passed!

In this post I will talk about two things of my thoughts about studying. The first, our MENTAL approach. The second, a PRACTICAL approach.

Now many of you are focused on preparing for the Eiken Pre-2 test. I am sure you have already been greeted by the amount of new words that you are expected to learn. Most likely you are asking yourself how in the world will I be able MEMORIZE so many words. 


My advice is DON'T.


Memorization is an ineffective method and a source of unneeded stress which will further hamper your studies.



          Please take your time and do it right!  "Practice what you want to become good at."


If you want to develop a strong memory then memorizing is good for you and there are very effective ways to do that. It is my guess though that you want to be able to use the new words that you HAVE TO REMEMBER. 


      But first let's change our MENTAL approach. Let's change the way we think about it.


          X  NOT, "I have to REMEMBER."
       ✓ BUT, "I have to be able to USE."


So it is my suggestion that you USE the new words, REPETITIOUSLY. The side effect of USING new words as many times as possible is that you effortlessly REMEMBER!

Okay so now that we are on the same page. You understand that you have to get good at USING the new vocabulary. So, how do I do that you ask.

Let me start off with some PRACTICAL advice.


          "What can be MEASURED can be MANAGED."

If you decide WHAT you want to learn, you can also decide HOW, and HOW MANY times, WHEN and a variety of other VARIABLES.

But first, let us focus on three variables our TARGET, TIME and REPETITION.


We want to limit our TARGETS and TIME while increasing REPETITION. How do I do that you may be asking. There are also effective ways to do this.

Through clarity of knowing WHAT we want to learn and HOW will we learn it, we will be able to see our improvements and make adjustments to get the results we are looking for.

We need to know WHAT words, "we have to be able to USE", so I recommend starting with WORD LISTS, For each level of Eiken there are WORD LISTS already prepared that you can start with.

Here is the TRICKY PART.

WORDS by themselves mean very little. We need to find examples of how these WORDS are USED. So in the Eiken test prep books you should find the words in the PASSAGES.

Otherwise you should start with the PASSAGE first and then hilight or underline the words you don't feel confident with. Create a WORD LIST in a separate notebook that you can add additional words to. 

I recommend no more than 5 words at first becuase it's easier to create a new habit when what you are doing is not so difficult. This takes some practice but you will make it a habit if you stick to it.




          Don't try to study more than you can handle in a 15 minute study session.
          If it is too much you will return to your old habit of memorization.



Good Luck!