STEP Eiken and Writing
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2017/6/15 10:35




As you all know the popular English test in Japan has been revised to include a writing section.


It seems that most parents are worried, and students fearful about all of the additional study that is to come.


Like our speaking skills, writing skill is a habit that we need to develop. 

Although there is knowledge that we need to LEARN, the skill part we need to PRACTICE.


How can we do it? 


My suggestion is to set aside 15 minutes a day to write. Doing this everyday is one way in which we can create a habit. Choose a topic beforehand or ask you teacher for one. Don't forget to time yourself, at the most you only need 15 minutes! 


Don't forget to ask your teacher to correct what you have written so you can learn from your mistakes! 


Oh, and don't worry about making mistakes, more mistakes more learning!