​ The Rainy Season
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2017/6/8 16:01

It is official the rainy season was announced
yesterday on the news. Now it is time to to
reevaluate our work attire. As we just started to
get adjusted to the heat now we have the rain to
deal with as well.
As for myself, I find that Uniqlo’s Dry and Airism
series is quite comfortable at a reasonable price !
Shoes though are what concern me the most
about the rainy season. During the walk from
the station to the office a nice pair of leather
shoes can be completely ruined. I want a pair
of durable, rain proof shoes that are suitable
in a business environment.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Besides the negative side of the rainy season,
there are some upsides as well. I have heard
that hydrangea look much better during the rainy
season. In your opinion, what are some of the
upsides to the rainy season?
I look forward to hearing from you at Hearthside.